• Integrated Management System Intro

    KONSING GROUP LTD BELGRADE has established, in all its business activities, an Integrated management system, which it is continuously improving, and that includes its existing certified

    Quality Management System ISO 9001
    Environmental Management System ISO 14001
    Occupational Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001
    Accreditation Certificate


    Integrated Management Systems



  • The KONSING GROUP LTD BELGRADE management is totally devoted and provides unreserved participation in the implementation and observation of all determined principles of an Integrated Management System, which it demonstrates by clearly defined Policies and Strategy

    Social Responsibility

    KONSING GROUP LTD BELGRADE has been established company’s Self declaration on Social Responsibility, based on relevant declarations and conventions by the United Nations. In that way KONSING GROUP LTD BELGRADE has become responsible for its actions, transparent and behaves in an ethical manner.

    KONSING GROUP LTD BELGRADE has been established next social responsibility subjects, in accordance with certified ISO 26000:
    Subject 1: Human rights
    Subject 2: Labor practice - respect and maintenance all labor standards, as well as: Child labor, Health and safety, Freedom of association, Discrimination, Employment conditions
    Subject 3: The environment
    Subject 4: Fair operating practices
    Subject 5: Customers issues
    Subject 6: Community involvement and development All those subjects are incorporated in all company’s organization parts, at all levels.

    Self Declaration on Social Responsibility