Scope of work: Training Program for
safe and healthy work at height

KONSING GROUP company offers renting of well equopped locations for planting antennas and offer telecommunicaiton equippment, as well as service of renting of mobile antenna towers

For mobile network operators, WiMAX operators, Internet Service Providers, TV and radio stations, civil engineering companies that have the need for temporary telecommunication infrastructure on their work sites, companies that have the need to interconnect to their branch offices - Konsing group company offers renting its well equipped locations for antenna planting as well as all other telecommunication equipment.

There are 42 locations in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Valjevo, Sabac, Banja Koviljaca, Pozarevac and Crvenka that you can potentially use for your business.

All locations have built in stable power source for electrical equipment, quality protective grounding and suitable lightning protection. Our towers are equipped with protective climbing systems while our rooftop locations are secured with protective fences where ever it is necessary. This way, a simple and safe approach to the antennas and other telecommunication equipment has been achieved.

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