• Mobile Telephony

    Consulting, site acquisition, negotiation and lease contracting, obtain permits, design, civil works, steel structures, power supply systems, equipment installation, maintenance, drive tests, radio network planning and optimization

    Broadcasting Networks, Wireless Communications, Transmission Systems, Radio Navigation Systems

    Consulting, design, civil works, installation and maintenance

    IT Systems

    Hardware engineering and maintenance, Software development and maintenance (Loyalty Card Program, Hotel Hospitality, etc), Integrated communication systems, with VoIP capabilities, Video surveillance with features like people counting, object recognition, etc., Internet connectivity, with VPN and secure communications

  • Power Supply Systems

    Design, installation and maintenance of power supply systems for telecommunication and IT sites, with high level of stability and redundancy

    Power Lines

    Design, installation and maintenance of power lines up to 35kV

    Lightning Protection Systems

    Design and installation of systems for site and equipment protection from the effect of atmospheric discharges and transient over-voltage


    Accredited laboratory for:
    Systematic examination of non-ionizing radiation levels in the environment, Testing of radiation levels from non-ionizing radiation sources in the environments of special interest, such as urban areas, Electrical testing of Electrical LV installation, Lightning protection system and grounding testing, Illumination testing in workspace environment, Testing of electrostatic floors, Testing of LV assemblies

  • Intelligent Buildings

    Design, installation and integration of power consumption control and measurements, lightning protection, access control and Time & Attendance system, anti-theft protection, video surveillance, fire protection, CO detection, HVAC control, cable and satellite TV signal distribution, multimedia system, VoIP telephony, video interphone systems, structural cable networks

    Radio Design, Planning and Optimization

    Whole range of special radio prediction and radio optimization services:
    - Radio planning: coverage prediction, frequency planning, etc
    - Novel and highly efficient wireless indoor planning software (WIPS)
    - Drive tests: DT using Tems, QVOICE;
    - Radio Network Optimization
    - Network design, master plan and feasibility study