KONSING GROUP LTD BELGRADE has more than 200 employees, 50 of which have university degrees of all of the necessary specialties, in the fields of telecommunications and IT. Continuous training and improvement of all employees are two of management's priorities.

Key People

Zdenko Lekan, Director of KONSING GROUP LTD BELGRADE
Sal Jesuele, JD - President of COMgroup

  • Members of the Board of Directors

    Zdenko Lekan, member of the Board
    Tihomir Žuvela, member of the Board, Montenegro
    Berislav Vidić, member of the Board, Bosnia & Herzegovina
    Milorad Jovanović, member of the Board
    Nela Perić, member of the Board, Finances
    Slaviša Nikolić, member of the Board
    Ivana Lekan, member of the Board

  • Company officials

    Slaviša Nikolić, General Director Assistant for Technology & Commercial
    Ivana Lekan, General Director Assistant for Marketing & Finance
    Danijela Bojović, Financial Director
    Bojan Milenković,  Director of Engineering & Production
    Vlatko Crnčević, Director of Design & Development
    Ivan Radonjić, Director of Konsing Group Laboratory
    Nenad Lekan, Executive Director, Telecall